Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data is essential, we all keep our treasured photos, videos and documents on one or more computers. Losing this data can be devistating, however now with online backup services available all you need to do is download an application that will. When is comes to backing up your data, there are multiple ways to do it. The two more commonly known ways are skydriving and backing up to an external hard drive. What exactly are these and what are the ups and down sides to them?


Skydriving your files is basically storing your files on the internet. There are sites like that offer this service and will backup a very large amount of data for a low monthly fee. The upsides to this method is that you wont have to worry about your external hard drive failing and losing all of the data because what sites like this will normally do is create mirrors or backups of your backups. The down side is that you need internet access to retrieve files that you have skydrived.

External hard drive

Backing up your data to an external hard drive is a fairly simple process once you learn how. Some of the upsides to using an external hard drive to backup your files as compared to skydriving them is that you don't need internet access to access them. Also, when you buy a harddrive, you only have to pay for it once where as with skydriving, you have a monthly fee. Though this is nice, hard drives are prone to failure so unless your backing up data to multiple hard drives, this can sometimes lead to you losing a lot of your data.