Printer Setup & Configuration
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Printer Setup & Configuration 

Have a printer that simply wont connect to your computer even after trying everything? We can help! Here at live remote support, we deal with these problems all of the time so we can generally resolve them in a very fast and timely manner.

Live Remote Support technicians will walk you through the unpacking and physical setup of your new printer then we will remote login and configure your printers drivers and print options ensuring it works with all of your applications.

What are printer drivers and why they matter?

Most of the time, the reason for a printer not working the way it should or just simply not working at all is because either your computer cant find the necessary driver or the driver is corrupt. A driver is basically something that tells your computer how to communicate with printers, hard drives, and so on. With that being said, if the computer doesn't have the correct driver or the driver is corrupt, it has no way to communicate in a meaningful way to these devices.