Safe Surfing & Email Practices

The Internet Today has many hazards


One starting point for solving home computer security problems is being aware of how the Internet and some of its technologies work. If you know how they work, you can evaluate solutions to the problems that come up. You can also use the Internet more safely and responsibly. In this section, we’ll talk about two topics: trust and information in the clear as it crosses the Internet.




Human beings are trusting by nature. We trust much of what we hear on the radio, see on television, and read in the newspaper. We trust the labels on packages. We trust the mail we receive. We trust our parents, our partner or spouse, and our children. We trust our co-workers. In fact, those who don’t trust much are thought to be cynical. Their opinions may be all too quickly ignored or dismissed.

This level of trust causes many Internet users to engage in risky Internet usage including opening email attachments from unknown users and visiting links to websites recieved in emails or chat sessions. Virus engineers (hackers) rely on this level of trust to get you the un-suspecting web surfer to spread their malware.

By opening infected email attachments, you are opening your computer to viruses, worms, key loggers and other unwanted malacious programs.